The second single from our debut album is here! Get ready to dive into a new scale of sound and

december 21, 2017

The first single from our debut album is here for you to turn up to eleven! #eternalbandlove

september 1, 2017
COLORWAVE Clipshooting “Mind Over Matter”

Shooting the video for “Mind Over Matter” at the Melkhal in Enschede (NL). © Ragnarion Rabenjunge

augustus 24, 2017
Basschool Apeldoorn: Black Devil Car (Jamiroquai)

Bass cover of Jamiroquai’s Black Devil Car. Bass, it’s like guitar but way cooler!

juni 9, 2017
Basschool Apeldoorn: No Such Thing (John Mayer)

Bass cover of John Mayer’s No Such Thing. Bass, it’s like guitar but way cooler!

april 23, 2017
COLORWAVE Recording Spring 2017

Spring, 2017 we recorded the new singles for our debut Album in Zwolle, The Netherlands. © Guido Aalbers

maart 26, 2017
COLORWAVE Support act Dilana Smith

In Januar 2017 we were asked to open up for Dilana Smith @ Metropool, Hengelo (NL).

januari 21, 2017
COLORWAVE “Neon Veins” Tour 2016

The “Neon Veins” tour of 2016. We played more then 20 shows in Holland and Germany. Enschede, Gelsenkirchen, Zwolle, Arnhem,

december 31, 2016
Basschool Apeldoorn: Feliz Navidad (Bass Cover)

Basschool Apeldoorn wenst iedereen fijne feestdagen en een gelukkig nieuwjaar!

december 23, 2016
COLORWAVE Band Vacation 2016

Year number 3 it’s summer band/songwriting vacation with Colorwave back in 2016. © Ragnarion Rabenjunge

augustus 30, 2016
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